Free e-Book - Why Mantras fails?? 

The Art of Persuasion book


In this e-book, we have unravelled the mysteries involved in mantra meditation. Through our research and observations, we have outlined all the factors involved for the success our sadhna. If you are experiencing less to zero results, then this free e-book is for you. 

What you get from this e-book

  • This e-book reveals the major causes of your mantra failure. 
  • Besides, pointing out the reasons of your mantra failure, this book offers a host of solutions to each problem encountered during the meditation. 
  • Are you a beginner?? If yes, then this should be the first book that you should go through before venturing into mantra meditation.
  • This book will save your time and energy by outlining the mistakes that most seekers make during the course of their sadhna. 
  • For intermediate and experts, this handbook will act as a catalyst by which you can increase the results of your chanting in manifold ways. 
  • The contents of this book are based on real life experiences of seekers in the field of meditation.
  • So, be assured what you get in this book is totally practical and can be easily implemented.